• Cinematographer / IATSE 600 Operator 0


Kris Denton Gear list January 2024

Two Sony FX9 camera bodies
Sony A7IV mirrorless body
One Canon C300II camera body
Ronin RS3 gimbal
Ronin RS2 gimbal
DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ v2.0 drone and four batteries (Licensed and insured UAV operator)
Sigma 24mm lens f1.4
Sigma 35mm lens f1.4
Sigma 50mm lens f1.4
Sigma 85mm lens f1.4
Two Sony 16-35mm GMaster f2.8 lenses
Two Sony 24-70mm GMaster f2.8 lenses
Two Sony 70-200mm GMaster f2.8 lenses
One Sony 24-105mm f4 lens
Sony 200-600mm zoom
Two Canon 24-105mm zoom lenses F4
Sigma 105 mm macro lens (EF mount)
Rokinon 8mm fisheye (EF mount)
Two Metabones speed booster EF to E adapters
Two Metabones EF to E adapters
Three Gopro 8 and car mounts
One Sony RXOII
Small gimbal for RXOII
Twelve Sony 120GB XQD cards
Six 128 GB CFast II cards (for C300II)
Sachtler Video 20 Plus Tripod
Sachtler Video 15 tripod
Slik stills tripod
100mm baby legs
Hi hat 100mm bowl
Ikan 17” monitor quad display monitor
Two Ikan 7” Hi Bright monitors (2000 nit)
Two Teradek 1000 wireless video transmitters/receivers
Small HD 702 7” Daylight viewable monitor
Two Anton Bauer Titan Twin chargers
Two Anton Bauer Quad Power Charger
One Anton Bauer LP4 charger
Nine Anton Bauer T90 batteries
Chrosziel Matte box (CLWAH 169)
Five 1/4 Black Promist screw on filters
Filters (Various)

Lighting and grip
Aputure Lightstorm 600C
48” parabolic soft dome
Bowens mount Lantern for Aputure LC600C
Two Amaran f22C 2x2 panels with softboxes
Two Amaran p60c RGBWW panels
Two Luxli 1x1 Timpani RGBW panels with soft boxes (battery or AC)
Two Luxli Cello RGBW 10” Cello LED panels with soft box (battery or AC)
Four Ulanzi VL-102 pocket lights
Two Mole 200 watt HMI open face 110v-220v (Daylight)
Two Ianiro 650 Watt openface lamps (tungsten)
One Arri 2000 watt openface (tungsten)
Two Arri 650 Watt fresnel (tungsten)
Four Mole Richardson 300 watt fresnels (tungsten)
Three 150 watt LTM peppers (tungsten)
Six 1000 watt dimmers
Ten Avenger lighting stands
Cables, duvateen, grip clips
9x12 greenscreen
Six Century stands
Ten Shot bags
Two sets of apple boxes
Two 6 x 6 frames for overhead silks/white/silver
4 x 4 frame for overhead silks/white/silver
4 x 4 black solid (floppy)
Sunbounce 6 x 4 handheld silk
Handheld reflectors
Various Cartellini clamps
Car mounting kit for DSLR’s/Gopro
DJI remote follow focus

Sony UWP-D27 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System
Sound Devices 302 mixer
Two Sanken Cos-11 microphones
One Countryman B6 lavalier
Two Sennheiser shotgun microphones (MKH416P48)
IDX Charger JL2 (J2-02108)
IDX Batteries 7S (BB17996, BB17986)
Ktec boom pole KE89CC
Denecke Time code slate TS-3EL 3527
Sony Studio monitor headsets (MDR 7506)

Ford F150 truck

Kris Denton Cinematographer / Operator 310 344 5159