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Born in the small Australian town of Wudinna in South Australia, I grew up in a farming community.

A high school teacher introduced me to a class on black and white photography…even turning one of the classrooms into a darkroom and from there a love for photography was born.

After graduating high school I started work in the city of Adelaide at one of the three commercial television networks at the time, the Seven network.

When I started freelancing I found work with a production company based in Sydney that was producing a science and technology program that aired on Discovery for many years. We created stories throughout the globe from Africa, to Japan to Western Europe and the States.

With fifteen years experience shooting for television, I went back to school in Sydney at the renowned Australian Film Television and Radio school to study cinematography for narrative filmmaking.

After graduating I went back to shooting television for a time and it was during an extended international shoot that I met my now wife in NYC and we settled in Los Angeles. We have one beautiful daughter.

Since then I have continued to shoot for broadcasters such as National Geographic, Discovery, and the BBC.

I am also an active member of the IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers union and have worked both as an operator and a DP on union productions.

The Australian Cinematographers Society have awarded over twenty of their peer reviewed cinematography awards for my work.

I am constantly excited by the new technologies our industry avails us both in camera and lighting.

I love people. I'm curious about the world. I care deeply about the planet and feel like everyone has a responsibility to expose injustice….our industry has an important role in that.

Ph +1 310 344 5159

Kris Denton Cinematographer / Operator 310 344 5159